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I’ve been messing around with the halopc server for a long time now. It all started with reading a tutorial on “how to make a trainer”, and then testing it on the halo server. And after a good year of learning, testing, searching (and being lazy) I finally have enough info to make a decent program for it.


Currently the halo server is outdated. It doesn’t have a voting system, no cheat protection, no log files, old ms-dos interface, no effective team-killing control, etc. And it doesn’t look like Microsoft will update it … That’s why I’m making “iMega”. It’s a server tool for halopc. The first version will include a chat logger, rcon logger, a sv_say command and a voting system (vote for next map and vote to kick afk/team-killers). Chat and rcon log are functions for server admins only, and they were not that hard to make.

The sv_say command was a bit harder :p. After making the chat logger, I had the idea to make a voting system. But you can’t make that if you can’t send messages to the players. So I needed to make a sv_say command. Currently iMega “hijacks” a “players name” to send the message. So unlike haloce it doesn’t prefix the messages with something like “**** SERVER ****”. It will just look like a message of a normal player. But the messages itself are prefixed with “[iMega]”. So you get something like “IFE eggor: [iMega] Vote for next map!”. Well, it’s better than nothing!

Future versions of iMega will include basic aimbot detection, better system to kick/ban team-killers and AFK people, init.txt builder, a windows interface, etc. The only problem is having enough time to program it all.

Halo Server Explorations

iMega isn’t the only reason why I made this website (well, blog in this case..). I also made a forum where you can leave your comments or suggestions about iMega, and your knowledge about the halo server. Unfortunately I cannot share all the information I found, because with that info it would be easy to create cheats/hacks (there are already enough aimbotters). So this is also a place to explore how the halo server works, hence the name “Halo Server Explorations”.


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A little video

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