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maart 24, 2007 at 5:27 pm 1 reactie

Finally another update. Not like many people visited the site before, but that should soon change. Yup, you read that correctly, I used the word soon. And not “In a few months”, no no, in a week (or 2).

That’s because all the tricky work is done now. That means hacking the halo server is done. And now comes the second part. Making that everything works nicely, and in an easier programming langauge than assembly. So that should go a lot faster. And again there is new list with features (In other words: at least on of these features should be in the first version…):

iMega tools:

  • Chat logger
  • sv_say command
  • Admin control based on cd key hashes and chat controls (so you don’t need the rcon password anymore!)
  • Vote for next map system
  • Visit counter: see how many players visit your server.

Admin text commands:

  • /freeze : Freezes all players in the server
  • /speed #playerid : Changes the speed of a player. This can also be used to freeze a player individually.
  • /teleport #playerid X Y Z or /teleport #playerid location_name : teleport someone somewhere.
  • /set_tp #platerid locationname : Save the location of a current player to a location name. This location name can then be used in the /teleport command.
  • /del_tp locationname : Remove a location name.
  • /alias #playerid : Returns all the names that a player has used on the server.
  • /e rcon_command : Execute a rcon command.

Player text commands:

  • /adminlist : Will display a list of the current admins in the server.
  • /vote #id : Vote for a specific option (used in vote for next map).
  • /visits : Returns the number of visits that the server has.

I think all that is very nice for a first version of iMega. But the problem is that when it’s finished, we need someone to actually run the program. And running a 3rd party program on a gameserver isn’t always allowed…

So big thanks goes to Jonsen of, because he allows us to run iMega on his server! In fact, the server is already up and running @ But it’s not running iMega yet, it only has the sv_say command at the moment.

I’ll see you again in 1-2 weeks 😉


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  • 1. Rock  |  april 1, 2007 om 3:34 pm

    Amazing Omega. I am proud of you.


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