Version 0.8a is working!

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For an iMega demo, watch this movie! Also, the forum is up and running! But let me first explain everything a bit more.

How did the project start?

A long time ago I wanted to make a server tool for halopc. But unlike haloce, it doesn’t have functions like sv_say or chatlog. And it’s quite hard to make a decent server tool without those 2 functions. So the big question at that time was: “How do include these functions in halopc?”. But I knew that was too difficult for me at that time. And instead of asking “omg lolz how does I make thez functionz1!!11!?” on a random forum, I started reading tutorials.

Anyway, after learning enough about Assembly, DMA, RE, etc. and switching from VB.NET to C#.NET I was able to make a chat logger. After that just kept learning and trying.

What is Halo Server Explorations (HSE)?

I think it would be good to create a small group of people who all know much about the halo server and know enough about C#, RE, etc. This way we could all work together, share information and make the halo server a lot better. Although I think that I’m still a “newb” at C# and RE, it would be great to work with smart people :-). You can call that group HSE, and they make tools like iMega.

What is iMega?

It’s a server tool for halo1pc. At the moment the features are (of version 0.8a):

  • Chat logger
  • sv_say command:
    • Currently iMega hijacks a playerslot to send the message. So unlike haloce it doesn’t prefix the messages with something like “**** SERVER ****”. It will just look like a message of a normal player. But the messages itself are prefixed with “[iMega]”. So you get something like “IFE eggor: [iMega] Vote for next map!”.
  • Admin control based on cd key hashes
  • Chat based commands for admins:
    • See the iMega section for a list with commands.
  • Chat commands for players:
    • /adminlist: Shows the current admins in the server.
    • /vote option: Vote for a map option (used in the vote for next map system)
    • Hidden command: try to find it! It also starts with a “/”. (Hint: being a bit emo can help.)
  • Vote for next map

It’s an application that runs next to the halo server. Most of the programming is done in C#. But to make functions like the sv_say command, it was also needed to modify the haloded.exe itself. This means that if you only want to use the sv_say command, the only thing you need to do is replace the haloded.exe with our modified haloded.exe. For other functions you will need to run the iMega program (requires .NET framework 1.1).

Vote for next map system

When I was testing the map vote system on my server, someone joined right before I typed the sv_map_next command. Anyway, the PCR comes up, and iMega shows all the voting options by hijacking my name (for someone who knows nothing about iMega, it seems like I can type super fast). During voting chat is disabled so he couldn’t say a thing. Once the vote was over and the next map was loaded, he asked me if I was a robot.

Moral of the story: You need to know how the system works before you can use it (And no, I’m not a robot):

  1. When the “Escape = quit” text comes up, iMega will ‘disable’ chat and send all the options:
    Votemap - Options
  2. As you can see, that’s a lot of information in 3 lines. The first line says what you should do, but not as detialed as this tutorial :P. The second and third line show the options. Because chat message can’t be long, the map name is abbreviated to 2 letters and, if needed, the gametype is abbreviated to 7 letters.
  3. Read the options. Choose the next map and gametype you want.
  4. Now it’s time to vote. Do what line one says you to do: type “/vote <number>”. In this example we are going to vote for “RR cslayer” (RatRace classic_slayer):
    Votemap - vote 2
  5. If you typed it correctly, iMega should say for what option you voted:
    Votemap - voted option 2
  6. Once the voting time is over, it should say what the next map will be:
    Votemap - next map is

iMega Version 0.8a

At the moment the main functions of iMega are working. But many things still need to improve. Anyway, version 0.8a will be the first version that will run on a public server. It will run on the server A big thanks goes to jonsen of for letting us run iMega on his server. Probably iMega will start to run on that server on Monday (9 april).

And for an iMega demo, watch this movie! Also, the forum is up and running!


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