Halo 2 Vista

mei 30, 2007 at 9:29 pm 3 reacties

No updates on iMega. At least nothing that I can say at the moment. And you’re probably wondering: “Will it ever be finished/released?”. Of course it will. I have summer vacation soon.

In the beginning I wanted to release it before halo 2 was released on PC. But I didn’t have the time/motivation. Anyway, so far halo 2 vista doesn’t look that special. I’ve heard more negative than positive things about it. And I also haven’t heard of many new server side functions … apart from the random mapcycle and probably a command similar to sv_say. iMega beats that. So if you really want to play halo 2 vista, be sure to come back to halo 1 pc for a day. Just to test it. 😉

Maybe it’ll end up in more than a day …


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An update Halo Lobby

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  • 1. Boss  |  juni 1, 2007 om 5:50 am

    Hey. Well I have seen H2V. Honestly though I really can’t think that H2V is better than this. Sure it has good graphics and a mice campaign. But the multiplayer CANNOT compare to this. So when this comes out, not only will MANY people leave for a day, they might come back to play for good and put H2V aside.

  • 2. Topoff  |  juli 2, 2007 om 9:26 pm

    Hello, i would like to say well done for this great tool and HURRY UP :¬) lol. i have just started to play halo custom edition, as like many server admins after about 5 hours playing halo you want to sit back and relax for a while till your head stops spinning. But you still want to no whats being said on your server, as you no you can not do echo chat on pc dedi. That is why i like custom over pc, but not many players on custom about 190 there abouts where as pc 1800+, so iam torn between the two. So your imega, will be MEGA. best of luck, topoff

  • 3. ste  |  juli 17, 2007 om 8:01 pm

    Any updates, carnt wait.

    also how does this run, is it as a 2nd process?



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