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It’s taking a really, really long time isn’t it? There are several reasons. But let’s first look at the history of our server tool project.

In the beginning it took me a long time just to get the very basics working. I remember searching weeks, even months, just to get a very basic tool working in VB.NET (it was getting read/write-processmemory to work). But it did work in the end, and I was able to write a very basic chat logger. But it had several flaws:

* It constantly had to read the memory of the server to see if there was a new chat message. Sometimes chat messages were even ‘lost’.
* It wasn’t stable. Leave the programming running for a long time and I would crash. And a server needs to be able to run for a long time!
* It’s hard to install. You would have to start a second program next to the halo server. If you rent a dedicated server, it would be almost impossible to get it running on your server.

Then I moved to C#.NET. It was a bit more stable, but still had the same problems. And there’s another thing that makes VB and C# not good for the job: no inline assembler. You first have to modify the haloded.exe, and you can only do it in pure assembler. Then you have to program the C# part. It’s annoying, bugs are hard to fix, and it just wasn’t fun to work like this.

So I moved to another language: C. This is of course the best option (maybe C++ too). You can force haloded to load a .dll file, and program that dll in C. You only have to modify the haloded.exe a bit, that is still easy. And in C you can use inline assembler, and that makes life a lot easier!


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